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Live Webinar // Monday 3PM Eastern

How We're Fixing Crypto Data: Why Transparency Must Be Trustless

(Plus A "Behind The Scenes" tour of's Dataset, How We're Building The #1 Crypto Data Platform, And Other Insights Gleaned From Considering 4 Billion+ Data Points)

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Hosted by Clay Collins CEO of Nomics

The webinar is Monday at:

  • Noon Pacific
  • 1PM Mountain
  • 2PM Central
  • 3PM Eastern

Training begins in…


Get a revealing look at:

  • What everyone is getting wrong about "transparency" and fake volume
  • Why most price aggregators are displaying bad data
  • How wash trading actually works
  • The three types of pricing data (and why everyone is using the wrong one)
  • How (and why) Nomics is doing things differently
  • The two transitions you must make in order to move from "Inaccurate Crypto Data" to "Good Crypto Data"
  • The inner workings of market data aggregation
  • What all bad actors (in the exchange space) have in common
  • What it actually takes to accurately price a cryptoasset based on 100K+ trades
  • Insights gleaned from considering 4 billion+ data points

Although some of this discussion will be highly technical, it will be filled with illustrations and examples (and will be relatable and engaging to both B2B and consumer audiences).  


Begin your journey towards credible, more accurate data.

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